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OTOMATİK TEKNİK TORNA, Car, Forklift, Business and Construction Machinery Torque Converter for repairs in a way guaranteed to perform.

        Torque converter repair, and manufacturing information only with talaşlı by technical staff, but for many years, our main business with Industrial and Business Machines in the sector in Automatic Gearbox Revision win thanks to the experience, have knowledge of hydraulic system by the technical staff is done.


        For torque converter repair wear and viscosity measurements on the original thickness of the lining change and outdated methods of doing what is important. Each vehicles make and model of torque converter according to the Balata various types are divided into. Different brands and models use the same type of shoe should. Moreover, each vehicles torque converter models vary according to the lining of the diameter, the pressure applied during adhesion is important that you select the correct value. Otherwise, high or low values of applied pressure shoe to reduce the adhesion properties, of poor quality to a paste, so the torque converter to remove the causes of failure. In addition, with the help of bolt connection flanges on the shoe paste, shoe surface pressure equal to each region can not be applied. This is why adherence to quality degradation. Our company is manufacturing its own "Pressure Balata Paste Oven" at; determine the optimum temperature and pressure values and all the effects of surface pressure equal to the amount provided to me by the adhesion process is carried out in error.

        Torque converter repair; Source process to be done without touching the hands, and stitched properly, without a space and curufsuz resources to produce, as well as balancing the torque converter, with a percentage margin of error at least allows you to perform. Our company is manufacturing the "Automatic Welding Machine through the torque converter to close correctly and Straits Resources in the process is carried out.


        For this test to be done, rather than developing good tests, torque converter system with the test içirisindeki work to be done for pressure. Our own production, the "Pressure Testing of Equipment" and are tested as accurate your Torque Converters.

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